We deliver a wide range of professional landscape architecture, engineering and research services that give our clients the confidence to tackle large, complex projects. In addition, we recognise that professional landscape maintenance is the key to delivering project objectives over the long term. We have an established and specialized maintenance management department.

Participation is very important to us. Many of our projects have benefited from community and stakeholder inclusion in the planning, design and implementation stages. This can embed genuine sustainability by generating a long term sense of responsibility and respect. We are experienced in providing workshops and action days to schools and larger community bodies.


Sense of place is a mood or character that is derived from a myriad of elements.  Our design approach responds to the existing ‘sense of place’ with new layers and interventions.  The resulting spaces have a harmonious synthesis with their natural and built context.


Sustainability is a basic philosophy that runs through everything we do.  User participation, designing with biodiversity and maintenance in mind, integrating ecological features with landscape design, appropriate plant and material selection are just a few examples of our sustainable approach.


One of our main goals is to create places with distinctive identity and strong character, coupled with a unique user experience tailored to each individual project.


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